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MycoBrew Coffee

An energizing blend of organic Lion’s Mane and 100% Arabica instant coffee. This instant coffee is the perfect upgrade to your morning routine or a revitalizing midday respite. Enjoy hot or cold!

Ingredients: Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) mycelium†/fermented brown rice biomass†, instant coffee†, xanthan gum.

Certified Organic

1,400 milligrams Lion’s Mane per serving.

39 milligrams caffeine per serving from coffee.


Add one drink packet (or one rounded teaspoon) to 6oz of hot liquid—try water, milk, or milk substitute—and stir to blend.

For a refreshing alternative, dissolve in hot liquid, then stir, shake, or blend with ice!


10 Packets, 30 Packets


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